2 comments on “Religion, Science, and Morality

  1. I like your distinction between a moral person and a moral code (ethics). A moral person is concerned about what is best for everyone or what is good for someone. An ethical code is a set of rules designed to increase the probability that things will work out better for everyone. But the rules are not the whole of morality.

    For example, the moral person may feed the poor, not because he is required by any law, but because he empathizes and cares about the welfare of others.

    The rules are but another tool of doing good. And a moral person may oppose a rule that does more harm than good, and seek to replace it with a better rule. For example, there used to be laws that supported slavery by requiring anyone who encountered an escaped salve to be returned to their owner. Because of the human harm of slavery, we eventually replaced those rules with a law that outlawed all slavery.

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