3 comments on “Slippery Slope Fallacy and Gay Marriage

  1. This really IS awesome, so although I will do as you say and tell my friends, it won’t be just because you ordered me to and I have this reflexive authority-figure reaction thing to people telling me to do stuff in a confident, brash manner. It will be because it truly IS awesome.

    May I make one suggestion, however? “Gay” marriage is a term that has stuck in the public’s mind, but there is a subtle perjorative feeling to it (like when people use the term “the gays”- “Gay marriage? Oh yeah, that weird, devalued type of marriage that “the gays” do!”.) It is patronizing, and also it implies that gay people are getting “special” rights and privileges.

    We are not, we just want the same rights as everyone else. You rightly compared this to interracial marriage, another civil rights issue. So I urge you to consider using another term: Equal Marriage. It’s not about being gay in the final analysis, it’s about equality.

    Thanks for the opportunity to comment, looking forward to exploring your other essays.


    David Roddis


    • That’s a good point. I think I’ve subtly noticed that too, how “gay” has almost become a buzzword instead of a meaningful description. You’re also right that ultimately it’s about equal treatment for everyone, and that fallacy about civil rights just being special treatment for some groups should be avoided. Thank you for your input, that really is helpful. I’m glad you liked the essay.

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